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$Id: README,v 1.11 2007/06/11 01:28:29 bizenn Exp $

kahua-web : Kahua-based WiLiKi-like simple Web site builder.


Gauche-0.8.9 or later
WiLiKi-0.6_pre2 or later
Kahua-1.0.4 or later

* Kahua-web work on WiLiKi 0.5.3(latest release version), but
  the version of WiLiKi has several bugs.  So we recommend use
  CVS HEAD of WiLiKi.


  % ./DIST gen # (required only source gotten from CVS repository)
  % ./configure [any options if you need]

You have to give some options to specify the same install directories 
as Kahua installed. For example if you gave --prefix=$HOME to 
configure script of Kahua when you installed it, you have to give the 
same option to kahua-web's configure script:

  % ./configure --prefix=$HOME

And if you'd like to install into a site bundle,  you should give
--with-site-bundle=/path/to/bundle option to configure script:

  % ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/kahua \

And then

  % make
  % make -s check
  % make init # (required at only first installation)
  % make install

Then, edit app-servers to add "kahua-web" entry.

  (kahua-web :argument () :run-by-default 2)

If you want to allow non registered user to edit page, 
give 'non-member-edit as a argument.

  (kahua-web :argument (non-member-edit) :run-by-default 2)

Or if you'd like to feed RSS static document,  you should
give 'write-rss as a argument.

  (kahua-web :argument (write-rss) :run-by-default 2)


Kahua-web is a open-source software licensed under the modified BSD license.
See the file "COPYING" in detail.

You can find some Kahua-web's information at the Kahua.org site.
Sorry, it is now not updated.  Please participate and post your questions
to the kahua-dev mailing list.