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This is the development version of my website. I build it using Jekyll and publish the _site contents to another git repo, and run git pull in the htdocs directory on my server.

To install Jekyll and develop this site I:

  1. install rvm: $ \curl -sSL | bash -s stable
  2. put rvm in my $PATH: $ PATH=$PATH:/my/home/.rvm/scripts. I persist this in my .bash_profile.
  3. source rvm (again, I persist this): $ . /my/home/.rvm/scripts/rvm.
  4. create a Ruby virtual environment: $ rvm install 2.1
  5. activate it: $ rvm use 2.1
  6. install dependencies: $ bundle install. This will load dependencies from the Gemfile.
  7. use the script to manage my site, including starting the server, building the site etc. This file is my own working shell script helper file that wraps some Jekyll and bash commands. For example, makepost "POST_TITLE" "keyword1 keyword2" creates a new post in the _posts directory with the properly time-stamped name and yaml front-matter. Remember to source it first. By sourcing it, the functions defined in the file become available as commands at the command-line.
  8. I run the dev server by doing: $ runserver HOST PORT. I can then preview my site before I publish.