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Windows terminal tool for automating keystrokes to processes.
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FFXIV Jidou Crafter

Automating crafting in FFXIV with a small script that runs in the background until you want to cancel it. This means you can craft in FFXIV while doing other things on the same computer.

Setup 🔧

Python for Windows Ver: 3.7.4 (64-bit) -

  • Add Python PATH Checkbox

Setup Shortcut

Go to where you installed the github repo's folder in Windows and type cmd in search to go to the file path in terminal. A shortcut is shown in the pictures below:

windows_step windows_step windows_step windows_step

Install required packages inside the file path with snippet below:

pip install -r requirements.txt

Setup the program's JSON file inside the file path with snippet below:


Finding process_name


Calculating wait times for corresponding macro:


Usage 💻

Executing the program: 1. Make sure your crafting window is active, and that you've selected the item to craft. highlighted_item_craft_window

  1. Open up the terminal and navigate to the script
  2. Enter the command python
  3. Press Ctrl+C when you want to end the script

stopping program


limit : Limits how many crafts you want to do. collectable : Adds extra 0 key pushes for collectable success menu. foodbuff : Automatically reapplies food when it drops. potbuff : Automatically reapplies pot when it drops. notify : Gives you a Window's notification when craft is completed.


python collectable
python collectable limit
python foodbuff
python potbuff notify
python foodbuff potbuff
python foodbuff potbuff collectable

Json Editor


Follow instructions in the script messages.


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