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Librerator: History

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Librerator is a fork of KindlePDFViewer. I forked it after PR no.616 was merged, a little bit before version 2012.11 of KPV was released. I merged most of PRs after no.616, but not all.

Before forking, I contributed a number of changes to KPV which ended up in KPV 2012.11. Most notable ones are:

  • Comics mode (renamed to Align the viewport to top/bottom in 2012.11 and made default). In fit-to-content-width zoom mode, it always fills screen with page content, aligning the bottom of the page to the bottom of the screen, thus preventing situation when you have only 3 or so last lines of the page on top of the screen, and the rest of it blank. I also added overlap support for this mode in 2012.11. (Comics mode was first introduced in 2012.10, and overlap was not working then, since it was originally meant for reading manga. I later realized it could be useful for books too). On by default, it can be turned off by pressing “C”. Its state is saved per book.

  • Right-To-Left mode - for reading manga and languages that are written right to left. Fully supported in 2 column mode too. Off by default, it can be turned on pressing “U”. Its state is saved per book.

  • Page/viewport mode - change the behaviour of page forward/page backward keys. When in viewport mode, these keys will move viewport in “smart” zoom modes - Fit-to-content-width and 2 column mode, showing you the part of the same page that was not on the screen before pressing them, and when in page mode, they will immediately display the next/previous page. Default is viewport mode, but it can be changed pressing “P”. Its state is saved per book.

  • Using symbolic defines for most configurable parameters and moving them to a file defaults.lua, making changes of default configuration much easier for the user.

  • Force portrait mode on opening KPV and closing documents - both to avoid a bug that caused crashes in previous versions, and because FileChooser is not very usable in landscape mode on K2/K3/KDX.

Changes introduced by Librerator

Changes listed bellow are specific to Librerator and are not part of KPV 2012.11:

  • Name change, together with change of launchpad shortcut, to differentiate from KPV, and allow potential users to have both of them installed separately. Open Last documents shortcut from launchpad is removed to simplify things - a user can just press “L” after the FileChooser is shown. I believe that only a few power users would use this, and they would know how to add it back themselves..

  • Bookmark added and bookmark already exists still conveyed to the user through InfoMessage, because I don’t like the new style on top of the screen. However, I made it configurable - you can have them the way KPV 2012.11 does it if you set DKPV_STYLE_BOOKMARKS in defaults.lua to true.

  • Added separate setting for Info Messages delay for toggles in defaults.lua, because I don’t like having to watch at them for full 1.5 sec. If you want them to last longer, you can specify the value DINFO_TOGGLES in defaults.lua.

  • Changed some defaults to my liking:

option                           KPV        Librerator
DRCOUNTMAX                       0            10
DSHIFT_Y                         50           100
DSTEP_MANUAL_ZOOM                16           25
DUNIREADER_SHOW_LINKS_ENABLE     true        false
  • Changed keybindings for Zoom modes - most frequently used ones are usable without Shift now. Info (on Menu key on KPV) is now on Alt-Menu.

  • Changed the way manually set BBox works - now it doesn’t display a ruler and Q-P shortcuts. Instead, it’s a lot cleaner with only crosshairs displayed, and the step of moving them can be adjusted pressing “Q” for big, “A” for normal, “Z” for small - all configurable through defaults.lua. Using small step, BBox can now be set much more precisely. InfoMessage will now also show if it’s an odd or an even page. If someone doesn’t like this new style, the old one can be brought back uncommenting some lines, and commenting some other at the end of unireader.lua. It’s clearly marked in the code, so it shouldn’t be too difficult. However, in that case step cannot be adjusted - it will always use the value set as DBBOX_STEP_NORMAL in defaults.lua.

  • Simplified handling of BBoxes internally - only the values for odd and even pages are kept now. No specific settings per page.

  • Removed legacy crop commands (Z and Alt-Z). Shift-Z modified to remove manually set BBoxes.

  • Forcing portrait mode on start and document close made configurable through defaults.lua

  • The way screen rotation is handled has been changed. Now, “K” will rotate the screen to landscape with keys on the left, and “J” will rotate it with the keys to the right. When in landscape mode, both “J” and “K” will return it to the normal portrait mode. If someone doesn’t like it this way, it can be reverted to the old way setting DPREVENT_UPSIDE_DOWN to false in defaults.lua

  • Rotation by 10 degrees has been removed, because it’s mostly useless. However, if someone really needs it (highly doubtful, but...), I just commented them out in unireader.lua, so you can easily add them back.

  • In lists (Table of Contents, Highlights, Bookmarks) and FileChooser you can now use Shift-Up/Shift-Down to move 5 items up or down. Using shift will not move to the next/previous page of the list, so it can be used to quickly get to the last/first item. The number of items to move up/down is configurable through defaults.lua, DSM_SHIFT_UP_DOWN for lists, and DFC_SHIFT_UP_DOWN for FileChooser. Also, pressing up/down (without Shift) will not change page anymore - pressing up on first item will go to the last item on the same page and vice versa. Use page turn buttons to change page. The user can also change default fonts and sizes for lists by editing corresponding options in defaults.lua.

  • Removed Q-P etc. shortcuts in lists (Table of Contents, Highlights, Bookmarks, Menu), because I like more space for the actual entry better. However, if you absolutely cannot live without them, you can put them back setting DKPV_STYLE_LISTS to true in defaults.lua.

  • Highlights line colour, line width and style made configurable through defaults.lua

  • Completely redesigned InputBox. Apart from the new look, it now supports typing with only FiveWay keys. To make it usable on K4NT, up/down don’t change the layout anymore, and Menu key opens a layout selection. Switching between English/National layout was moved to Aa. You can fully edit long filenames now too.

  • New set of bigger icons for FileChooser, and new icons in dialogs

  • The way manual zoom is calculated is changed. It now adds the step to the global 100%, not to the current zoom state. Manual zoom is now also available through the Main Menu.

  • Most options are now accessible via Menu.

  • Changed the way Gamma is changed. It now adds/decreases the value defined in DGAMMA_STEP (initially 0.2).

  • Added setting of first page offset. This is useful when you have a book that starts page numbering with e.g. i, ii, iii, iv etc (for preface, table of conents pages etc), and the real page 1 is actually page 17 (for example). Without setting first page offset, every time you read “see page 128” you’ll have to remember to add 17 to that when you use Goto command. When you use first page offset command, you get a “First page is page no.” dialog. Enter 17 there. Now, you just have to enter 128 in that Goto dialog, and it will lead you to the right page. Real page numbers will be reported when you add bookmarks too. I suggest you set first page offset first time when you open the book and never change it. If you do, bookmarks will not lead to the right pages anymore. If you need to jump to the pages bellow 1, you can use Goto with negative numbers. This is also usefull when your document is a part of a book, for example it has pages 41-100. In this case, you should set first page offset to -41.

  • Alt-back will now only close book. Alt-Home will close the application (even when you have a book opened. No need to first close the book, then application like before)

- released

  • fixed bugs reported by Iñigo, that prevented it working on K4NT out-of-the-box

  • Added full support for CREReader (epub/fb2 files). You should now be able to change font, font size, line spacing, add bookmarks, use goto etc.

  • fixed crashes with options like bbox when used in reader they're not supposed to be used with. Now it just reports that the option is not supported for that document type.

- released

  • bugfix: garbled screen on K4NT on exit if started from landscape (tnx to houqp)
  • option "Turn overlap on/off" renamed to "Turn overlap shading on/off"
  • key-binding for showing info is changed from Alt-Menu to Home
  • when setting first page offset, current page will now be displayed in brackets
  • implemented Follow Link feature from the Main Menu. Now K4NT owners can follow links too.
  • strings moved to lbrstrings.lua. This should enable easy localization. If anyone wants to translate, I'll be happy to include it in the next release.
  • some bugfixes:
    • prevent closing app when Back key is pressed when choosing reader
    • pressing Back key when link shortcut keys are shown moves to the top of the page
    • when in fit-to-content-width, and you start panning, overlap should not be shown
  • Reflow settings now available through menu.
  • When choosing reader, you can now select "Remember this type(T)" pressing fw_left, and "Remember this File(F)" pressing fw_right. This is important for K4NT owners.
  • Added K4NT specific shortcuts. You can see the list here.
  • Librerator will now open documents exactly as you left them.
  • Font, font size and line spacing can now all be set as default in CREReader.
  • support for making custom keyboard layouts. User needs to make a copy of the file mykeyboard.default.lua, rename it to mykeyboard.lua and edit it.
  • in FileChooser, user can now save up to 3 “positions” for easy access with keys I, O, and P. Example: navigate to a dir, press Shift-I. Navigate to some other dir. Pressing "I" will lead you back to the first dir. Positions are remembered when you close Librerator.
  • Refresh count (number of page turns before full refresh) can now be set through menu.
  • a lot of improvements to CREReader. It uses page view mode now by default (old scroll mode is still available). In page view mode, a user can choose if he wants cre header displayed. She can also set header font through menus, and what is displayed in the header can be selected editing defaults.lua. CREReader will now also use hyphenation (tnx to tigran123), producing better looking pages.
  • Fixed bug that required pressing page turn buttons twice when turning page in CREReader in landscape mode (tnx to houqp)
  • gamma can now be set inputting a value in a dialog. Also available through menu.

-, first official release released

  • bugfix: left pg_fwd/pg_bck not working in crereader
  • featurefix: closing book that was automatically opened as the last file on Librerator start will not exit Librerator anymore. Instead, it will go back to FileChooser, to the dir the book was in.
  • bugfix: fw_up/fw_down will now not cause page turns in crereader page mode anymore
  • Fast navigation -10/+10 pages moved from Shift-fw_left/Shift-fw_right to fw_left/fw_ight, so K4NT users can use it too. Also, you can now customize number of pages skipped setting DCREREADER_FASTNAV_PAGES in defaults.lua.
  • Added DCREREADER_HEADER_ON_HOME setting to defaults.lua, to allow K4NT users to use Home to toggle creheader instead of info in crereader. However, note that unlike toggling Info on/off, toggling creheader requires complete reformating of text, and, depending on the book, can take quite a while.
  • bugfix: Alt-Home will now exit Librerator from Last Documents
  • bugfix: ScreenKB-Home will now exit Librerator from Last Documents
  • bugfix: when changing crereader font/font size/line spacing, no need to reopen document anymore in order to make some ToC entries work again
  • bugfix: cache not working properly in crereader (tnx to Houqp). Librerator will now open epub/fb2/mobi documents a lot faster, especially after the first opening.
  • default font for crereader and creheader changed back from Droid Sans Fallback to Droid Sans, because documents load faster with Droid Sans.
  • added support for custom style sheets per book. Information on css used is saved per book, and the user can now select what css to use with a book.
  • use of hyphenation in crereader now selectable through defaults.lua (DCREREADER_USE_HYPHENATION option)
  • added title and authors to crereader info
  • increased number of saveable locations in FileChooser from 3 to 5 (keys Y-P). There will be a notification dialog on saving a location now. Pressing D in FileChooser will lead to documents folder.
  • bugfix: ToC in epub not showing first item (tnx to houqp)
  • updated crengine to version cr3-3.1.2-27 (tnx to houqp)
  • updated k2pdfopt to version 1.6.3 (tnx to chrox)

- released

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