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Generates a HTML report of the tables and views in a SQL Server database
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A script that, given a connection string to a SQL Server database, dumps out its tables and views as a HTML document. There are many like it but this one is mine. It understands SQL Server-isms like the "MS_Description" extended property (you do fill those in, right?) An unholy mix of VBScript, SQL and JavaScript/ jQuery.

I usually end up re-creating this script, or something like it, on every job to help get my head around the database schema. This is an amalgamation of several variations.


DumpSqlServerDbSchema /c connection-string [/t] [/i title] [/rp regexp | /rf file-name ]

connection-string: ADO connection string to connect to database (required)
/t: include table of contents (optional)
/t: set the title of the HTML page (optional)
regexp: regular expression that matches the names of tables containing reference data (optional)
file-name: file name containing a list of names of tables containing reference data (optional)

Bugs/ Missing Features

  • Extend to include other database objects (stored procedures, etc.)
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