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Windows utility that displays all windows on the desktop and allows their size/ position to be changed
Visual Basic
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Windows Spy - Display and resize windows on desktop

What it does

WinSpy2 displays all the windows on the desktop in a hierarchical list, as well as the window class, size and position. The size and position can be updated. This tool was written for a localization project where screen captures of windows and other UI elements in the translated documentation had to have the same dimensions as the original English images. There are other, better tools out there including Spy++ which comes with Visual Studio; I would recommend using them instead. This really only serves as a historical curiosity on how to call Windows APIs from Visual Basic 6.

User instructions

Double-click on a window title to see the window's child windows.

Warning: WinSpy2 shows all kinds of hidden windows it's probably really not a good idea to muck about with. Use with caution.

Build requisites

  • Visual Basic 6
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