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Project structure for retro pixel fonts
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Pixel fonts for the Web


One of the first large programs I ever wrote was a font editor for the ZX Spectrum computer, some time in the mid 1980s. It spurred an interest in typography that persists to this day. This project is something of a throwback to those days, as it's intended to produce pixel fonts for a retro game engine in JavaScript I'm working on.

The fonts comprise single files in Netpbm bitmap format. This format was chosen because it is human-readable and easy to edit in a regular text editor. A makefile uses the montage tool that comes with the ImageMagick utilities to convert the font into a single image (similar to a CSS sprite). Only fixed-width fonts are supported for now, and only characters in the Basic Latin (i.e., 7-bit ASCII) range are handled. An HTML/ JavaScript test script is included to test the created font.

File structure

The project is laid out as follows:

  • test: Contains the test harness
  • basic: A basic, no-frills pixel font
    • basic/8x8: The 8x8 size of the font
      • basic/8x8/glyphs: The font files, one for each glyph.
      • basic/8x8/by-name: A symlink to each glyph with a human-readable name.


  • GNU Make (the Makefile uses the addprefix function and order-only pre-requisites that not all variants of make support)
  • ImageMagick (note: this project was created on Devuan Linux which uses a somewhat old version of ImageMagick, dated 2009. Perusal of the ImageMagick Web site suggests some of the command-line arguments may have changed on newer releases. Your mileage may vary.)
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