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Does your bank provide a CSV-export functionality for your bank-account?   
Ever wondered what this data might look like?   
Ever wondered how much of your money you spend on what?   
You don't like Excel?   

--> Then Finalytics might be for you!   

Finalytics is an application which takes a bunch of finance CSV-files and visualizes the transactions.
The aim is, to give you a good overview of what is going on with your money by visualizing the data nicely.

Features included

  • load multiple finance-csv-files (overlapping transactions allowed, won't lead to duplicates)
  • specification of your csv-format
  • responsive charts


Simple bar-chart

Simple bar-chart
The simple bar-chart visualizes all transactions from your csv-files. For every day in a given month the withdrawals are stacked and drawn underneath, the incoming money transactions are stacked and drawn above each day.
Colors are used from your spec.edn


The waterfall-chart visualizes each transaction after another. Each bar of a transaction is painted at the position of the current total balance. A waterfall-chart of a month starts at the balance from the end of previous month and at 0 if it is the first month rendered.

Technologies used

  • Clojure
  • Clojurescript
  • D3.js
  • bootstrap

Getting started

  1. Create a folder A for your csv-files

  2. Put your finance-csv files into folder A

  3. Create a 'spec-edn' file which should look something like this and is a valid configuration for your csv-format:

       {:columns         [[:a {:type   :date
                               :format "dd.MM.yyyy"}]
                          [:b {:type   :number
                               :locale #locale java.util.Locale/GERMAN}]
        :date-column     :a
        :tids            {{:client "^.*clienta.*"} :clienta
                          {:client "^.*clientb.*"} :clientb}
        :classifications {:food {:tids  [:clientb]
                                 :color "#123456"}
                          :gas  {:tids  [:clienta]
                                 :color "#000000"}}}
    • columns: a vector of columns-specifications. Types: Date, Number, String or nil for ignoring a column
    • date-column: points to the name of the column which holds the transaction date
    • tids: used for transaction identification (regex-query-map -> tid)
    • classification: groupings of tids (e.g. supermarkets -> [tesco, sainsburys])
  4. Start the application with 'lein run'

  5. Open http://localhost:8080/csv-config in a browser

  6. Specify csv-folder and your spec-file location

  7. Click 'Load folders'

Upcoming changes / TODOs

  • waterfall-chart (DONE)
  • some crazy chart for the classifications
  • fancy d3 stuff
  • cljs-tests
  • refactor meta-data function
  • run task which compiles cljs->js before start
  • remove main.js after run task has been implemented
  • uberjar which can be started + configured
  • lein ancient as dep + updated deps + deps-status visible here
  • travis tests visible in this file
  • specification of only one folder with csv-files and spec-file
  • data-reload button in navbar
  • clickable bars in all charts with meta-data popup


Kai Brandes


Apache License


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