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Play Substrate

A few simple pallets for learning and demo the capability of Substrate blockchain framework.

Runtime Modules

Disclaimer: these modules are for learning purpose, you should never use them in production.

  • Template Pallet, A simple module to experience simple storage data type, error handling, test and benchmark structure.
  • Proof of Existence Pallet, A simple module to store a claim (Vec<u8>), revoke it, and transfer the claim to someone else. This pallet includes,
    • busisness logic to create/revoke/transfer a claim.
    • unit test of logic
    • benchmark of weights used for each dispatchables.
  • Data Type Pallet, It helps with better understanding what Rust types are allowed to be used in Substrate chain development.
  • Coin Flip Game Pallet, Outdated
  • Benchmark Demo, Deprecated, you can find similar code in Proof of Existence pallet.
  • Offchain Worker
    • Offchain worker - send unsigned transaction (outdated)
    • Offchain worker - send signed transaction (outdated)
  • Genesis Config Pallet, Outdated
  • Custome Weight, Outdated

Getting Started

Install Dependencies

Before you start developing with Substrate, you need to prepare your environment by following the doc.

Compile and Run

# compile the code into binary
cargo build --release

# start the compiled binary with local dev network
./target/release/node-template --dev

Connect with Front-end

Once the node template is running locally, you can connect it with Polkadot-JS Apps front-end to interact with your chain. Click here connecting the Apps to your local node template.

Test the code

# test only one pallet
cargo test -p pallet-poe

# test all the pallets
cargo test


Compile the node with runtime-benchmarks feature,

cargo build --release --features runtime-benchmarks

Run the benchmark for Proof of Existence pallet,

./target/release/node-template benchmark pallet --chain dev --execution wasm --wasm-execution compiled --pallet pallet_poe --extrinsic "*" --steps 20 --repeat 10 --output ./pallets/poe/src/ --template .maintain/frame-weight-template.hbs

Show all the available benchmarks,

./target/release/node-template benchmark pallet --chain dev --pallet "*" --extrinsic "*" --repeat 0