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Distilled is the support system for which achieve the everyday
changes on the Mainpage of Chinese Wikipedia and then remix related content into
a magazine.
Distilled is composed by:
* several maintenance scripts to dump wikipedia pages into a magazine
* server to serve the magazine
* online editor to edit the magazine
* user administration
==How to start==
Please follow below steps:
* git clone git://
* cd distilled
* git submodule update --init
* copy several *.js.example files under config directory to *.js
* node scripts/dump.js -c center -p dyk -b black
* node scripts/cal.js
* node scripts/start-server.js
* visit http://localhost:8080/
the parameters of dump.js should be changed according to your choice of the
cover style of the magazine. See belwo section for details.
==Cover style of the magazine==
Run the command "node scripts/dump.js --help", it will give you some hints.
-c, --cover [TEXT] full|center|north|west
-p, --photo [TEXT] feature|featurepic|good|itn|otd|dyk|XXXX.ext
-b, --bg [TEXT] aqua|black|blue|fuchsia|gray|green|lime|maroon|....
The above three command options are the most important.
The "-c" option gives the cover style which is one of full, center, north, west.
The "-p" option gives the photo of the magazine, you can set it to a file name
of a photo or section name on the Wikipedia Mainpage.
* feature 特色条目
* featurepic 特色图片
* good 优良条目
* itn 新闻动态
* otd 历史上的今天
* dyk 你知道吗
* XXXX.ext 文件名
The "-b" option gives the background color of the magazine.