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* kkMailMessage
* See the explanation in the Core object.
class kkMailMessage{
* kkMailMessage - version 0.1
* The vmMailMessage class is a full implementation of a mail message
* and manages all necessary actions related to managing an email
* message.
//Create private variables
private $to;
private $from;
private $subject;
private $textBody;
private $htmlBody;
private $msgHeader;
private $fullMessage;
private $type;
private $cc;
private $uniqueRef;
private $ready;
private $sentStatus;
private $kkCore;
private $copyAdmin;
private $SmtpServer;
private $PortSMTP;
private $SmtpUser;
private $SmtpPass;
/* Constructor */
function kkMailMessage(Core &$coreRef){
$this->kkCore = $coreRef;
$this->ready = false;
$this->sentStatus = false;
$this->copyAdmin = false;
$this->kkCore->getDebugger()->debug("New Mail Message instantiated");
/* Accessor methods */
private function resetStatus(){
//Whenever a change is done, the status must be reset
$this->sentStatus = false;
$this->ready = false;
function setTo($content){
$this->to = $content;
function setFrom($content){
$this->from = $content;
function setSubject($content){
$this->subject = $content;
function setTextBody($content){
$this->textBody = $content;
function setHTMLBody($content){
$this->htmlBody = $content;
function setMsgType($content){
$this->type = $content;
function setCopyAdmin($bool){
$this->copyAdmin = $bool;
function setCC($emailAddress){
$this->cc = $emailAddress;
//$this->cc = "";
function setSMTPServer($user, $pass, $server, $port=25){
$this->SmtpServer = $SmtpServer;
$this->SmtpUser = base64_encode ($SmtpUser);
$this->SmtpPass = base64_encode ($SmtpPass);
$this->PortSmtp = $port;
function removeSMTP(){
$this->SmtpServer = null;
$this->SmtpUser = null;
$this->SmtpPass = null;
$this->PortSmtp = null;
function getTo(){
return $this->to;
function getFrom(){
return $this->from;
function getCC(){
return $this->cc;
function getSubject(){
return $this->subject;
function getHeader(){
return $this->msgHeader;
function getMessage(){
return $this->fullMessage;
function getMsgType(){
return $this->type;
function getSentStatus(){
return $this->sentStatus;
function getReadyStatus(){
return $this->ready;
function getUniqueRef(){
return $this->uniqueRef;
/* Object functionality */
function makeMessageReady(){
/* This will in effect compile the message so that it can be
sent. If there is a HTML component it will prepare the headers
accordingly, otherwise it will simply prep a standard text
if (strlen($this->type) < 1){
$this->ready = false;
//make a unique reference, seed it with as much random content as possible
$this->uniqueRef = sha1(time().rand(0,5000).$this->to);
if (strlen($this->htmlBody)>0) {
/* this means there is a HTML component that needs to be
integrated */
$this->ready = $this->makeCompositeMessage();
//text only email
$this->msgHeader = "From: ".$this->from."\r\nReply-To: ".$this->from;
$this->fullMessage = $this->textBody;
$this->ready = true;
return $this->ready;
private function makeCompositeMessage(){
/* This should only be called when the HTML component of a msg
* exists. This will prep all variables so that when sending is
* invoked, it is sent properly.
// Create a boundary string. It must be unique
// So we use the MD5 algorithm to generate a random hash
$random_hash = md5(date('r', time()));
$headers = "From: ".$this->from."\r\nReply-To: ".$this->from;
// Add boundary string and mime type specification (multipart bc. we're using plain & html)
$headers .= "\r\nContent-Type: multipart/alternative; boundary=\"PHP-alt-".$random_hash."\"";
// (b) Text Header
$msgbody = '
Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1"
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit
// (c) Text Body Itself
$msgbody .= $this->textBody;
// (d) HTML Header
$msgbody .='
--PHP-alt-'. $random_hash.'
Content-Type: text/html; charset="iso-8859-1"
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit
// (e) HTML Body Itself
$msgbody .= "<html><body>".$this->htmlBody."<a href=''><img src='".$this->uniqueRef."' alt='Powered by VenueMirror' align='right' border='0'></a></body></html>";
// (f) Message Tail
$msgbody .= '
--PHP-alt-'. $random_hash.'--';
// Load the compiled variables into the object variables
$this->msgHeader = $headers;
$this->fullMessage = $msgbody;
return true;
function sendMessage(){
$this->kkCore->getDebugger()->debug("Trigger mail send - ready status: ".$this->ready);
if ($this->ready){
if ($this->copyAdmin){
//Admin is meant to be copied on this message, so mark CC
$this->msgHeader .= "\r\nCC: ".$this->kkCore->getSupportEmail();
if ($this->cc){
//Copy the specified address as well
$this->msgHeader .="\r\nCC: ".$this->cc;
//Prepare SQL statement for logging this message
$logMsg = "INSERT INTO maillog (emailTo, emailFrom, subject, msgType, body, shaRef) VALUES('".$this->kkCore->dbReadyTxt($this->to)."', '".$this->kkCore->dbReadyTxt($this->from)."', '".$this->kkCore->dbReadyTxt($this->subject)."', '".$this->kkCore->dbReadyTxt($this->type)."', '".$this->kkCore->dbReadyTxt($this->msgHeader)."\n\n".$this->kkCore->dbReadyTxt($this->fullMessage)."', '".$this->uniqueRef."');";
//Use the core db function to write to the database
@$lmResult = $this->kkCore->db($logMsg);
//the message can't simply be sent again, it needs to be recompiled!
$this->ready = false;
if ($this->SmtpServer){
return $this->SendMail();
return mail($this->to, $this->subject, $this->fullMessage, $this->msgHeader);
return false;
private function SendMail(){
if ($SMTPIN = fsockopen ($this->SmtpServer, $this->PortSMTP)){
fputs ($SMTPIN, "EHLO ".$HTTP_HOST."\r\n");
$talk["hello"] = fgets ( $SMTPIN, 1024 );
fputs($SMTPIN, "auth login\r\n");
fputs($SMTPIN, $this->SmtpUser."\r\n");
fputs($SMTPIN, $this->SmtpPass."\r\n");
fputs ($SMTPIN, "MAIL FROM: <".$this->from.">\r\n");
$talk["From"] = fgets ( $SMTPIN, 1024 );
fputs ($SMTPIN, "RCPT TO: <".$this->to.">\r\n");
$talk["To"] = fgets ($SMTPIN, 1024);
fputs($SMTPIN, "DATA\r\n");
$talk["data"]=fgets( $SMTPIN,1024 );
fputs($SMTPIN, "To: <".$this->to.">\r\n".$this->messageHeader."\r\nSubject:".$this->subject."\r\n\r\n\r\n".$this->fullMessage."\r\n.\r\n");
fputs ($SMTPIN, "QUIT\r\n");
return $talk;
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