Summarise AWS/Billing EstimatedCharges for Slack
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Summarise AWS expenditure

Requires billing alerts to be enabled in your billing preferences & CloudWatchReadOnlyAccess in the role

Reference case #5314191201

Updates twice a day

Triggered at the start & end of the working day in Singapore

Deployment notes

Currently the code is defined for my use case and accounts. Notice two accounts are in an organisation and another uses a cross account role to get the metrics.

There are many ways to deploy a serverless function, however I'm using in this instance. The project.json looks like:

  "name": "estimatedcharges",
  "description": "Post to slack a summary of the estimated charges of the AWS account",
  "profile": "my-profile",
  "memory": 128,
  "timeout": 5,
  "role": "arn:aws:iam::812644853088:role/estimatedcharges_lambda_function",
  "environment": {
	"WEBHOOK": ""