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A simple, elegant, book-like hexo theme with some useful features.



Since I have already migrated my note from hexo to hugo, the development progress may be slow down in the future. If you want to add more features to this theme, fill free to fork and modify it by yourself. Though I will not put a lot efforts in this project, any suggestions are still welcome.

However, I suggest that you should try hugo first before using hexo (if you never used both). Hugo is writen by go-lang, and it is faster, powerful and lighter than hexo in my opinion. After doing some research, I realized that hugo can meet all of my requirements and also provide a more logical way to customize a theme at the same time which is amazing, you guys should give it a try!

💿 Installation

git clone themes/book

If you don't have scss renderer, follow this:

npm install hexo-renderer-scss --save

Modify theme entry in _config.yml

theme: book

Change markdown renderer

For better render quality, I suggest that you should change the default renderer.

The detail, see change markdown renderer

🎈 Update

Jump into the theme folder, run git pull. If you use /source/_data/book.yml, please note the diffrence of updated _config.yml.

Smooth Update

For smoothly updating, I recommand to create a config file named book.yml in /source/_data folder (If it doesn't exist, create one)

Notice: source folder is under your hexo working directory, not the theme one!

Copy the contents of /themes/book/_config.yml to /source/_data/book.yml, it will replace the contents of config in /themes/book/_config.yml. Now you can configure it independently and also, you can update theme more smoothly.


The detail of config, see Configurations

🎁 Features

External Library Integration:

Comments system:


Code Syntax Highlight:

Using the built-in systax highlight system (highlight.js) supported from hexo itself, so no other configuration is needed.

However, there are multiple themes integrated from tomorrow-theme. You can change the theme in _config.yml.

Normal Night Night Eighties Night Blue Night Bright

Powerful and Fully-Customized Sidebar Menu:

Checkout Menu Realtime Demo

Responsive Layout:

Book will adapt to different viewpoints in order to give you the best reading experience.