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A simple, elegant, book-like hexo theme with some useful features.
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git clone themes/book

If you don't have scss renderer, follow this:

npm install hexo-renderer-scss --save

Modify theme entry in _config.yml

theme: book

Change markdown renderer

For better render quality, I suggest that you should change the default renderer.

The detail, see change markdown renderer

Katex support

For Katex support, please follow the instruction above to change your renderer to hexo-renderer-markdown-it, after that, see katex support


The detail of config, see Configuration

Smooth Update

For smoothly updating, I recommand to create a config file named book.yml in /source/_data folder (If it doesn't exist, create one)

Notice: source folder is under your hexo work directory, not the theme one!

Copy the contents of /themes/book/_config.yml to /source/_data/book.yml, it will replace the contents of config in /themes/book/_config.yml. Now you can configure it independently and also, you can update theme more smoothly.

Post front-matter

title: <string>
comments: <boolean> (default: true)


Jump into the theme folder, run git pull. If you use /source/_data/book.yml, please note the diffrence of updated _config.yml.

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