App that showcases how to use webworkers in Angular 2 to avoid blocking UI when code has intensive CPU tasks.
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This project is a sample demo to understand changes between running angular 2 in a single thread and doing so using webworkers

NOTE: This project was generated with an old version of Angular CLI that didn't allow you to generate the webpack config. If you're a lucky guy working with Angular CLI v1.0 or higher, please, check this other repo, that make things easier.

Also check this Stack Overflow detailed instructions about how to do the migration from Angular single threaded project to use webworkers, step by step.


After downloading the code, run npm install to install dependencies.

Run in single_thread

The master branch already includes the "single_thread" version so:

Run npm start. This will execute the webpack dev server in http://localhost:8080

Run using webworkers

Move to GIT webWorkers branch.

The package.json file has been updated to use webpack --watch and a simplehttpserver dev server, because webpack-dev-server causes an error when using Web Workers.

So first you need to install simplehttpserver in case you don't already have it:

npm install -g simplehttpserver

Then run npm start. This will execute webpack in watch mode, and simplehttpserver in parallel using http://localhost:8080