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Messente SMS Gateway for Haskell
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Non-official SMS gateway API wrapper for Haskell.

API documentation:


  • Only https is used.
  • Uses backup server automatically.
  • Delivery report server included.

Missing features:

  • No credits API
  • No pricing API
  • Can't provide special parameters for sms like time_to_send, validity, dlr-url etc.


Example code sends sms and waits for delivery raport (doesn't exit). To get delivery raport, you must configure it from API setup.

import Messente

smsSend = send "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
main = do
  -- If from is Nothing then messente default 'From' is used
  -- (configured from API setup at
  result <- smsSend Nothing "+00000000000" "my first sms"
  putStrLn $ case result of
    Right id -> "sms sent, id: " ++ id
    Left (errNo, errStr) -> "not sent: " ++ show errNo ++ ", " ++ errStr

  -- star http server to get delivery feedback (must configure at
  -- this function doesn't return (runs forever)
  listen 9000 delivery

delivery :: Delivery -> IO ()
delivery del = putStrLn $
  case del of
    Delivered id  -> "delivered: " ++ id
    DeliveryError id errNo errStr -> "not delivered: " ++ id ++ " (" ++ errStr ++ ")"
    DeliveryProgress id status    -> "progress: "      ++ id ++ " (" ++ status ++ ")"
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