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Rolly Olly

Game for Jesse Schell's Game Design class. Developed by Kai Kuehner.



  • Important stuff
    • 2 more factory levels
      • rotate
      • hinge
    • Build & test full game run
  • Character
    • Conserve momentum (force added = max of jump speed and incoming velocity)
    • Boost? (propel in direction of rolling)
    • Ramp off upward slope?
    • Visuals
      • Animation for hitting ground non-bouncy
      • Align bounce animation to ground
  • Stars
    • 3 per level
    • Unlock cosmetic bonuses? or bonus levels?
  • Levels
    • Cave
      • Rolling
      • Bouncing off ground
      • Roll up hill
      • Need momentum to bounce over something
      • Bounce goes perpendicular to ground
      • Need key to open door
      • Stars are extra bonus
      • Bounce off ceiling
      • Bounce must be released in midair (hit wall to stop?)
      • Bounce must be pressed in midair (roll off ledge)
      • Some stars can become unreachable (you have to restart)
      • Need extra momentum to do a bounce
      • Need multiple keys for multiple doors
      • Keys only open doors of same color
    • Industrial
      • Platforms can move
      • You keep momentum when bouncing off moving platform
      • Platforms can spin
      • Platforms can swing freely on pivot
      • Conveyor belts move you
      • Conveyor belts can give you extra speed
    • Jungle
      • Mud slows you down
      • You can stick to mud walls
      • You can roll over mud corners
      • You can hang on mud ceilings
      • Mushrooms are bouncy
      • Touch fuzzy get dizzy
    • Cliffs
      • Horizontal wind can speed you up
      • Horizontal wind can slow you down
      • Vertical wind can make you bounce higher
      • Vertical wind can make you bounce lower
      • Vertical wind can change gravity completely
      • Horizontal wind can change gravity completely
    • Worlds
      • Dirt/cave
        • Movement, doors
      • Industrial
        • Moving platforms
      • Ice?
        • Slippery, water, smashing
      • Mushroom jungle
        • Sticky mud- roll along walls/ceiling until you bounce off
        • Bouncy mushrooms- bounce you off at high speed
      • Cliffs
        • Wind- horizontal boosts, antigravity columns/areas, high gravity areas
    • Mechanics
      • Doors/keys
        • colored
      • Moving platforms
        • conveyor
        • spin
        • pivot on hinge
        • side to side
        • catapult
      • Water
      • Ice
      • Boost pads
      • Antigravity columns
      • Pipes that zip you around and shoot you out
      • Saws? Enemies? How to do danger in a way that is goofy and fun?
    • Bits
      • Roll down and ramp off platform
    • Polish
      • Backgrounds
        • open on cave 2 + cliffs, closed on cave + industrial
      • Particles
        • bouncing (from rotator, tangent to ground)
        • rolling
      • Passive movement
        • Swaying grass
        • Spinning gears
        • Floaty bugs or little creatures (esp. in jungle)
        • Gusts of wind
      • Levels
        • No grass
        • Round off corners
  • Sound
    • vary pitch on repetitive sounds
    • UI sounds
    • rolling sound
  • Save level progress & stars
    • start menu continue & new game
  • Menus
    • Don't bounce when unpausing??
    • Level complete menu
      • Stars collected
      • Individual level time (if show timer is on)
      • Next level
      • Restart level
      • Quit to title
    • Restart level button
    • Options
      • Select first option when opening menu
      • Set timer selected checkbox to enabled if timer is enabled
      • music volume
      • overall volume
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