SuDoQuest: Fill in the map to conquer the kingdom
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"SuDoQuest" is a hybrid puzzle-action game based on Sudoku.

Run Directions

Run the provided .exe file. Make sure the _data folder is next to the .exe file.

Release Notes

  • Final

    • Improved sound balance
    • New sounds for pick up tool, erase, attack, wrong answer, enemy death, tower hit
    • Randomize pitch of sounds in battle
    • Integrate instructions into interface
    • Changed battle artwork (player and enemies)
    • Improved battle UI
      • Instruction text
      • Health hearts
    • Make tools transparent over board
    • Add message on finishing battle
  • Interim 2

    • Improved art and sound
    • Reworked Sudoku interface
    • Redesigned minigame to be melee-focused
    • Various other tweaks & improvements
  • Interim

    • Added basic Sudoku interface
    • Added prototype of Battle Mode


  • Programming:
    • Kai Kuehner
    • Ross Coker
  • Art:
    • Sophia Videva
    • Céline Delaunay
  • Sound:
    • David Baratt

Other resources used: