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import sys
def check_for_win(board):
#returns string of winner, "draw" if draw, or false if moves still possible
#would need to be rewritten for larger board_length
if board[0] == board[3] == board[6]:
return board[0]
elif board[1] == board[4] == board[7]:
return board[1]
elif board[2] == board[5] == board[8]:
return board[2]
elif board[0] == board[1] == board[2]:
return board[0]
elif board[3] == board[4] == board[5]:
return board[3]
elif board[6] == board[7] == board[8]:
return board[6]
elif board[0] == board[4] == board[8]:
return board[0]
elif board[2] == board[4] == board[6]:
return board[2]
elif " " not in board:
return "draw"
return False
def check_if_equivalent(board1, board2):
#rotates, flips, etc board1 and checks against board2
if board1 == board2:
return True
if board1 in State.boards_to_states.keys():
return True
return False
def remove_equivalent_boards(boardslist):
#takes list of boards, eliminates repeats
boards_no_duplicates = []
for board1 in boardslist[1:]:
board_good = True
for board2 in boards_no_duplicates:
if check_if_equivalent(board1, board2):
board_good = False
if board_good:
return boards_no_duplicates
def get_other_player(player):
if player == "X":
return "O"
return "X"
class State(object):
boards_to_states = {}
def __init__(self, board, player):
self.board = board
self.player = player
win = check_for_win(board)
#get value (if end state)
self.value = "undefined"
if win:
if win == "O":
self.value = -1
elif win == "X":
self.value = 1
self.value = 0
if " " in self.board:
#think of board children for each space
self.child_boards = []
for i in range(BOARD_LENGTH):
if self.board[i] == " ":
self.child_boards.append(self.board[:i] + self.player + self.board[i+1:])
#check if repeat in children
self.child_boards = remove_equivalent_boards(self.child_boards)
#create non-repeated board children with player opposite of current, append those to child_nodes
self.child_nodes = []
for child_board in self.child_boards:
self.child_nodes.append(State(child_board, get_other_player(self.player)))
State.boards_to_states[self.board] = self
def get_value(self):
if self.value == "undefined":
child_values = []
for child in self.child_nodes:
if self.player == "X":
self.value = max(child_values)
self.value = min(child_values)
return self.value
def get_best_move(self):
#check self.value
#iterate through children and return their values
#see which is the first to have self.value
#return that child's board
for child_node in self.child_nodes:
if child_node.get_value() == self.value:
return child_node.board #there's a problem here
def main():
state0 = State(" " * BOARD_LENGTH, "X")
#get the state from the user
user_board = input("Enter board state (with X as you, X plays first, formatted 123456789): ")
#calculate the ideal next move
#find state in State.all_states by searching for equivalent boards, if no match say "Error: Impossible board" and exit
user_state = State.boards_to_states[user_board]
except KeyError:
print("Error: invalid board")
value = user_state.get_value()
if value == -1:
print("Player will lose")
elif value == 0:
print("Player can draw")
elif value == 1:
print("Player can win")
print("Ideal next move: " + user_state.get_best_move())
if __name__ == "__main__":
Rotations/reflections/etc not implemented, because it would probably just make the program less efficient
If you want to implement it, change check_if_equivalent()
Alpha-beta pruning not implemented because the player would only be able to draw (assume perfect play up tree as well as down)
Start with blank board
Generate child boards for each possible move (based on current move)
Keep generating boards until no spaces left or a winner appears
To get value of node:
ask all child nodes for value
if there is a winner/draw, return -1, 0, or 1