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What is it?

Predator is a copy detection system. It is a fork of ROCOP-A plagiarism detection system. Written in a completely modular architecture with state-of -art message passing technology, developers aim to provide a robust, industry standard copy detection software with freely available source code.


Predator uses various Free and Open Source Softwares. Please make sure to go through REQUIRES file included in the distribution and install all the mentioned dependencies beforehand to run predator. Follow the steps below for the complete setup:

  1. Execute the shell script;

  2. You can access the rest of the features at http://localhost or http://ip_address once you login using credentials given below:
    username: admin
    password: admin

Operation & Administration

Each logged in user can set their own preferences for copy detection. Configurable parameters are label and threshold.

Once the threshold is set, percentage match below the threshold value will be rejected. You can also set labels with the color for the match percentage. All the matching documents will be displayed with the label color and label text lying in the match range.

You can upload the files in the repository by visiting the 'upload' link in the main menu. You can select multiples files to upload. But the maximum file upload limit size is 50MB at once for uploading & checking. For checking the copy, please visit the 'check' link in main menu and upload your file to check.

In order to start all the predator services
cd /opt/predator

In order to stop all the predator services
cd /opt/predator

In order to see all the service logs
cd /opt/predator


It would have been even better if predator was hosted somewhere. But since i cannot afford to put this up, i have rather uploaded the screenshots here ...


Please see the LICENSE file included in the distribution.



Please see the AUTHORS file included in the distribution.

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