Floom – Image slideshow with a visible timer/progressbar and a funky blinds-like animation for MooTools
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Floom is an extendible blinds-like slideshow widget for MooTools 1.3+.


How to use

There are two ways of setting Floom up. One is the object way, where you specify the image url and the caption using the key-value notation:


var slides = [
    image: 'photo-1.jpg',
    caption: 'Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit'
    image: 'photo-2.jpg',
    caption: 'Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident'

$('blinds').floom(slides, {
  axis: 'vertical'


<div id="blinds"></div>

The second one is by simply passing a element collection, ie. $$('#blinds img'), where the passed element has to be the actual image collection. In this scenario the caption is the elements title attribute:


$('blinds').floom($$('#blinds img'), {
  axis: 'vertical'


<div id="blinds">
  <img title="Description 0" alt="" src="nature-photo0.jpg" />
  <img title="Description 1" alt="" src="nature-photo1.jpg" />
  <img title="Description 2" alt="" src="nature-photo2.jpg" />
  <img title="Description 3" alt="" src="nature-photo3.jpg" />
  <img title="Description 4" alt="" src="nature-photo4.jpg" />


All options have default values assigned, hence are optional.

Version 1.3

  • Works with MooTools 1.3

Version 1.1

  • Bugfixes
  • Removed onFirst and onLast options

Version 1.0

  • prefix: (str) class prefix for dynamically created elements. Defaults to floom
  • amount: (int) amount of blinds. Defaults to 24
  • animation: (int) animation duration for each blind (slice). Defaults to 70
  • interval: (int) the interval between slide change. Defaults to 8000
  • axis: (str) either horizontal or vertical. Defaults to vertical
  • progressbar: (bool) show the progress bar. Defaults to true
  • captions: (bool) show the captions. Defaults to true
  • captionsFxIn: (obj) extend morph-in
  • captionsFxOut: (obj) extend morph-out
  • slidesBase: (str) the directory where to look for images/slides
  • sliceFxIn: (obj) extend morph-in
  • onSlideChange: fires on slide change
  • onPreload: fires on slides preload (once, on script initialization)
  • onFirst: fires when at the first slide
  • onLast: fires when at the last slide