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using service to optimize image(s) in node

How to use?

install by NPM

npm install node-smushit -g

use smushit in shell

//view help
smushit -h

//smash files or directory
smushit file1 file2 file3

//with recursive
smushit file1 file2 file3 -R

use it in node

var smushit = require('node-smushit');
//smash a single file

//smash files
smushit.smushit(['file1', 'fiel2', ..]);

//smash images in directory

//smash images in directory or the child-directories with recursive
smushit.smushit('images-folder-path', {recursive: true});

//smash images and register callbacks
smushit.smushit('images-folder-path', {
    onItemStart: function(item){
    onItemComplete: function(e, item, response){
    onComplete: function(reports){