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Scrape data from your account page
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consorsbank - scrape your account page

You have and account with and wanted to pull information from it. Until now you where out of luck. The wait is over. This image lets you get the total balance of your account.


In order to get the balance just run the following.

> docker run -e baseline=1000 -e username=<ACCOUNT_NUMBER> -e password=<ACCOUNT_PW> kairichard/consorsbank
> {"total": "1234.56", "change": "23.45"}

The output is in json for a better composabillity with other tools.

Contributing Code

If you want to contribute code, please try to:

  • Follow the same coding style as used in the project. Pay attention to the usage of tabs, spaces, newlines and brackets. Try to copy the aesthetics the best you can.
  • Write good commit messages, explain what your patch does, and why it is needed.



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