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Power Adm screenshots

Power Admin Main Menu

Select one of the options:

  1. Creates a new LPAR configuration, this function generates a change/ticket to create or modify a LPAR configuration. The ticket will be processed later (option 2).

  2. Execute the LPAR creation (change/ticket) from option 1

  3. Deploy images on LPARs created in option 2

  4. Clear configs used to Deploy OS with NIM Server

  5. Quits from Power Adm

LPAR Configuration (option 1)

Main Menu

Makes LPAR configuration easier. Even people without expertise in HMC ou Power Systems is able to use it.

Default calculations are configurable on and pre configuration to Deploy OS using NIM Server. LPAR Configuration

If you have more than one frame on your HMC select the host. Select the Frame

If the LPAR needs a vSCSI, say yes (y) -- two adapters, one by VIO. Add vSCSI

[ not tested yet ] you can add a disk from a Shared Storage Pool, select the Storage Pool you want to use. Add Disk

Add up to three Ethernets, select Virtual Switch and enter the VLAN ID. Add Network

Add Virtual Fiber Channel (NPIV/HBA), select the physical path to vfcmap -- two adapters by VIO Add NPIV

Validate your settings for the LPAR. Validation

If it is okay, you can run the ticket now or save to run later. Final question

Creation LPAR (option 2) from the previous configuration

Select your tickets/changes and execute creation Select Ticket

The creation is automatic Output final

Deploy Operation System using NIM (Option 3)

Select the Server, Version and NIM Server to use for deploy.

Select Version and NIM

Check the configuration and start deploying the Operation System.

Check and Deploy OS

Access the HMC and open the Virtual Menu. You can access using the same session.

Deploy OS

Cleanup Deploy Operation System configuration

Select the executed deploys to remove and confirm. This will Remove all settings on the NIM Server.

OS Nim Deploy cleanup

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