Kairos API Example Apps
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API Examples

What it does

These demo apps showcase the Kairos APIs by giving the user a means to quickly get up and running with our Emotion Analysis and Facial Recognition / Detection APIs.

Running the App

The demo app can easily be run using Docker with the included Dockerfile and docker-compose.yml.

The app is basically a single page application, which is viewed at index.php.

The easiest way to get started is to clone or fork the repo, edit the docker-compose.yml and add your APP_ID and API_KEY after signing up at developer.kairos.com

Then just run these commands to run Docker-Compose and start up the app locally on your machine:

make build && make run

For more detailed documentation see the individual page for each module:


The Emotion Demo showcases the Kairos Emotion API by giving the user three methods for analyzing human emotions in a video stream.


The Detect Demo uses Kairos Face Recognition API to detect a human face in an existing photo, or a snapshot from the user's webcam. Documentation


Using the Kairos Face Recognition API, the Verify Demo compares two photos, and verifies that the two photos are of the same individual. Documentation