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This file was automatically generated for kairos by APIMATIC BETA v2.0 on 01/18/2016

How To Install:

The generated code relies on node package manager (npm) being available to resolve dependencies.

Dependencies: node.js request: sudo npm install request

How To Use:

The following shows how import the controllers and use (demonstrated in EmotionAnalysisControllerTest.js):

  1. Import the module:

     var kairosemotionapilib = require('./kairosemotionapilib');
  2. Configure any authentication parameters in configuration.js file:

     appId : "app_id"
     appKey : "app_key"
  3. Access various controllers by:

     var controller = kairosemotionapilib.kairosemotionapilib;
     controller.createMedia({file path}, callback);
     cd into the directory and run node EmotionAnalysisControllerTest.js