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Kairos Simple Emotion SDK

This SDK includes simple scripts to get your Kairos application up and running quickly.

Get your keys

  1. Create your free developer account
  2. Log into the Kairos Developer Dashboard
  3. Create an application and copy your App Id & App Key

How To Use:

Run the scripts in the root directory using Python 2.7. To POST a local file to the Kairos API, use:


This will return a JSON object containing an emotion analysis of your image or video file. Test files are provided in the media directory.

Sample JSON response:

{u'status_code': 4, u'length': 0, u'frames': [DATA], u'media_info': {u'height': 720, u'width': 1280, u'length': 21, u'file': u'9ca99076cdec369d140fb046.mp4', u'type': u'video', u'mime_type': u'video/mp4'}, u'status_message': u'Complete', u'id': u'9ca99076cdec369d140fb046'}

The timeout for the API request is set for 60 seconds. If an analysis is not available within that time, you can do a GET request using the 'id' of your POST response above.


If necessary, keep running this request until a successful response is obtained.


Have an issue? Visit our Support page or create an issue on GitHub