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Git-GUI is a powerful graphical user interface for Git that runs on Windows. It's a standalone product and requires no Git installation.
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Converters Added tag related functionality.
DesignData Added design data for changeset history.
Externals Added Externals folder.
Libraries Implemented tab restore.
Models Added tag related functionality.
Properties Working on Issue #9. Added new model class for storing recent commit …
Resources Added a new icon for the plus tab.
Styles Added tag related functionality.
TemplateSelectors Refactoring code and files to be more consistent.
Templates GridSplitter snaps to changeset history grid.
UserControls Added tag related functionality.
ViewModels Added tag related functionality.
Views Finished recent repositories feature.
.gitignore Improved status grid context menu.
App.xaml Refactoring code and files to be more consistent.
App.xaml.cs Added NBug.
Git-GUI.csproj.DotSettings Added ReSharper configuration.
Git-GUI.csproj.user Improved status grid context menu.
Git-GUI.sln Changed DynamicResources to StaticResources. Update
app.config Improved application UI.
license.txt Added license.
packages.config Added NBug.


Git-GUI is Windows only graphical user interface for Git source code management.

Please note: Git-GUI is not ready yet -- i.e. it's an alpha version that does not support everything you need. I'm working on it to make it a stable product.


Do I need the official Git installed on my computer?

No. Git-GUI is standalone, it does not need Git installation.

Does Git-GUI have something to do with the official Git built-in tool called git-gui (git gui on command line)?

No. Git-GUI is a software written by me (Kai Sellgren) as a hobby project.

How does it look like?


Remember: heavily work in progress!

What do I need to run it?
  • Windows Vista, 7 or 8.
  • You need to have .NET framework 4.5 runtime installed/updated. Windows Update will do that for you if it does not have already.

Project goals

I aim to make a complete product that features the majority of Git functionality including from basic stuff to Stashes, Remotes and Bisects.


So you want to fix a bug or add a feature? Or perhaps you just want to try it out? Here's what you need to do:

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