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Git-GUI is Windows only graphical user interface for Git source code management.

Please note: Git-GUI is not ready yet -- i.e. it's an alpha version that does not support everything you need. I'm working on it to make it a stable product.


Do I need the official Git installed on my computer?

No. Git-GUI is standalone, it does not need Git installation.

Does Git-GUI have something to do with the official Git built-in tool called git-gui (git gui on command line)?

No. Git-GUI is a software written by me (Kai Sellgren) as a hobby project.

How does it look like?


Remember: heavily work in progress!

What do I need to run it?
  • Windows Vista, 7 or 8.
  • You need to have .NET framework 4.5 runtime installed/updated. Windows Update will do that for you if it does not have already.

Project goals

I aim to make a complete product that features the majority of Git functionality including from basic stuff to Stashes, Remotes and Bisects.


So you want to fix a bug or add a feature? Or perhaps you just want to try it out? Here's what you need to do:

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