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kaisellgren commented Apr 28, 2012

It should feature a few collapsible accordions:

  • Branches
    • Single left click takes the changeset history focus to the same branch.
    • Double left click checkouts the branch.
    • Right click brings up a context menu
      • Delete (confirmation)
      • Checkout
      • Set upstream (e.g. local branch name "foo" can be set to track "origin/foo")
    • Display a different icon for branches that are tracking branches?
  • Tags
    • Single left click takes the changeset history focus to the same commit.
    • Double left click checkouts / hard resets the commit?
    • Right clicks brings up a context menu
      • Delete (confirmation)
      • Checkout/reset hard
    • Hover displays Tag info (message if exists, etc.)
  • Remotes
    • Grouped by the remote name, expands to list of branches in that remote.
    • Same functionality for remote branches except Delete has greater warning dialog and calls git push origin :foo
  • Stashes
    • Double click to open dialog with files / changes to see.
    • Right click to open context menu:
      • Delete
      • Apply
      • Apply + delete (better name?)
    • Hover to display changed files?
  • Submodules
    • Right click to bring up a context menu:
      • Update
      • Delete

Issues and questions:

  • Folders/groups? Where are they stored? Git? File system (local)?
  • Filtering / Paging / Scroll since there can be many branches, tags, etc.

kaisellgren was assigned Apr 28, 2012

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