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Markoff 2 Platform Platform

A lightweight CommonMark previewer for macOS Big Sur and later.

  • Uses SwiftDoc's CommonMark implementation for transforming the markdown into HTML.
  • Uses the Composable Architecture.
  • Uses the new SwiftUI lifecycle for document-based apps.
  • Auto-reloads the preview whenever the original file is saved. Depending on your editor, you might be able to set up auto-save to get an always up-to-date preview without manually saving.
  • Shows basic metadata such word and character count.

Left to Do for 2.0

  • Code syntax highlighting.
  • Select default editor.
  • Add printing support.
  • Add addtional CSS styles.


  1. Open the project in Xcode 12 or later.
  2. There is no step 2.

If you use another text editor, follow your usual SPM workflow.

Previous Versions

The previous versions of the app are in the markoff-1 and markoff-2 branches.

  • The markoff-1 branch is deprecated.
  • The markoff-2 branch is compatible with Catalina, and will get some minor patches in the future.

All future development will take place in the main branch.


See LICENSE file.


Reda Lemeden