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A light-weight Markdown (CommonMark) previewer for OSX.
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A light-weight CommonMark previewer for OSX.

  • Uses cmark, a C implementation of CommonMark, for parsing and rendering. This is a lot of faster than other existing Ruby and JavaScript solutions.
  • Allows you to select your default editor and open the previewed document in it by hitting Cmd+e, using the menu item, or clicking the toolbar button.
  • Uses highlight.js for syntax highlighting.
  • Detects YAML frontmatter and renders it as a special code block.
  • Auto-reloads the preview whenever the original file is saved. Depending on your editor, you might be able to set up auto-save to get an always up-to-date preview without manually saving.
  • Shows basic information such word and character count.


Make sure you have Carthage installed, then run in the project root:

carthage update --platform mac


See LICENSE file.

Markoff was initially maintained and funded by thoughtbot, inc.

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