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enum StarterType {
case Grass
case Fire
case Water
enum PokémonType {
case Grass, Fire, Water
let WaterType = StarterType.Water
var FireType: StarterType = .Fire
let chosenStarterType = StarterType.Water
switch chosenStarterType {
case .Grass, .Water:
print("Brock, here I come!")
case .Fire:
print("Wild Caterpies, here I come!")
enum Move {
case Healing(percent: Int)
case Damage(power: Int)
case Status(effect: String)
let tackle = Move.Damage(power: 50)
switch tackle {
case .Healing(let percentHealed):
print("Heals \(percentHealed) of the pokémon's HP.")
case .Damage(let basePower):
print("Deals damage with a base power of \(basePower).")
case .Status(let statusEffect):
print("A status move that inflicts \(statusEffect).")
enum MoveCategory: String {
case Physical = "Physical Move"
case Special = "Special Move"
case Status = "Status Move"
var physicalTypeName = MoveCategory.Physical.rawValue
let statusType = MoveCategory(rawValue: "Status Move")
enum RawMoveCategory: String {
case Physical
case Special
case Status
physicalTypeName = RawMoveCategory.Physical.rawValue
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