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DC-NY-BOS Network Dataset

This is a highway network dataset of the US Northeast region, covering Washington DC, New York and Boston.

See also the dataset for the Korean Expressway network.

Data Description

The network is created with QGIS based on highway network from Bing Maps as well as US primary road shapefile from TIGER Data. This network contains 317 nodes and 510 undirected arcs (1020 directed arcs). Based on 2010 Census information from TIGER Data, 123 nodes are selected as Origin-Destination nodes in this network.

This dataset was used to study multi-period planning of level 3 charger locations for electric vehicles in the following paper:

If you use this dataset, please cite:

  title={Incorporating demand dynamics in multi-period capacitated fast-charging location planning for electric vehicles},
  author={Zhang, Anpeng and Kang, Jee Eun and Kwon, Changhyun},
  journal={Transportation Research Part B: Methodological},

Data Format

Two data files are provided as .csv files, and a QGIS project is also provided with multiple shapefiles.

The file DC_BOS_NY Network.csv (size of ~23KB) contains the information of nodes and links. The origin (A_Node) and destination (B_Node) of each link are provided. The length of each link are provided in the unit of kilometers and miles.

The dataset looks as follows:

A_Node B_Node Length (km) Length (mile) Link_ID
1 2 17.74 11.02 1
1 7 2.92 1.81 2
2 12 12.89 8.01 3
2 230 18.97 11.79 4
2 1 17.74 11.02 1
2 227 5.05 3.14 370
3 4 2.09 1.3 5

The file Network demand nodes.csv (size of ~2KB) contains the information of population at each demand node. Demand flow between different OD pairs can be generated based on gravity spatial interaction model if needed. More details can be found here.

The dataset looks as follows:

Node_ID Population
1 382818
2 358487
3 77347
4 255365
6 323584
7 344013
10 391665

The QGIS project can be loaded with .qgs file, and the required shapefiles should be automatic loaded from DCBOS folder.


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