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Kaitai Struct: library of binary file formats (.ksy)
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Kaitai Struct: formats library

This repository constitutes a library of ready-made binary file format descriptions using Kaitai Struct language (.ksy).

These formats can be useful for:

  • exploring a certain file format internals: one can load .ksy format + target binary in a Web IDE or visualizer and learn what's inside;

  • as a production-ready binary file parsing library: they can be compiled with a Kaitai Struct compiler into source code in any supported target programming language;

  • as a starting point for learning applications of Kaitai Struct in real world;

Exploring this repository

If you want to explore the repository, please visit Kaitai Struct format gallery — that's HTML rendition of this repository, which block diagrams, all the code compiled for all possible target languages, provided with usage examples and instructions, etc, etc.

Alternatively, you can start with Web IDE — this library of formats also comes pre-loaded with it.




This repository contains work of many individuals. Each .ksy is licensed separately: please see meta/license tag and comments in every .ksy file for permissions. Kaitai team claims no copyright over other people's contributions.

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