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This "Game" is intended to be usefull to practice with the Wacom and other graphical things to draw on your computer, or also, you can prove your skill with the mouse (why not(?)).

The rules: 1- no one talk about fight club 2- DO NOT TOUCH BLACK THINGS IF YOU DONT WANT TO START AGAIN 3- try to reach the other side of the window to win 3.5- the colision will be detected by the red dot, deal with it 4- Enjoy it. (it is a rule, so if you are not enjoying the game is because you are not following the rules)

I made the game using this existing project as base : (Read it's README, it is kind a gameception)

To use it, you will need SFML libs, on Ubuntu 14 they are already included on the packages, in other Operating sistems, you will need to install them For Windows, in Visual studio ( for Linux users (, and for MAC OS ( .

Also, if you want to add levels because mine are quite dumb, you can do it freely adding immages and naming them groundX.png, where X will be the number of the level in which it will appear, for reasons, the names must start with ground.png, ground2.png, ground3.png, and remember if you wan't to play your screens and things, keep the one which now is ground3.cpp at the last screen.

Have fun or whatever!

Also, you can check this web it is lovely <3 :D

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