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Sample file to make Windows Bitmap file


Sample source codes to make Windows Bitmap File. Note that this sample does not take care of byte order.


$ make
$ ./bm


  • bm.h

    • WindowsBitmap class.
  • draw3d.h

    • Linear transformation class which uses WindowsBitmap class.
  • test.bmp

    • An output file.

Methods descriptions:

  • WindowsBitmap::WindowsBitmap(int w, int h)

    • A constructor which requires width and height of a bitmap file.
  • WindowsBitmap::SetColor(BYTE red,BYTE green,BYTE blue)

    • Set color of current color.
  • WindowsBitmap::DrawPoint(int x, int y)

    • Draw a point at (x,y)
  • WindowsBitmap::MoveTo(int x, int y)

    • Move the current point to (x,y)
  • WindowsBitmap::LineTo(int x, int y)

    • Draw a line from the current point to (x,y) with the current color.
  • WindowsBitmap::FillRect(int x, int y, int w, int h)

    • Draw and fill a rectangle at (x,y) with width w and height h.
  • WindowsBitmap::DrawCircle(int x, int y, int r)

    • Draw a circle at (x,y) with radius r.
  • WindowsBitmap::SaveToFile(const char* filename) Save a bitmap file to filename.