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An acts_as_sortable/acts_as_list replacement built for Rails 3

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ranked-model is a modern row sorting library built for Rails 3. It uses ARel aggressively and is better optimized than most other libraries.


To install ranked-model, just add it to your Gemfile:

gem 'ranked-model'

# Or pin ranked-model to git
# gem 'ranked-model',
#   :git => ''

Then use bundle install to update your Gemfile.lock.

Simple Use

Use of ranked-model is straight ahead. Get some ducks:

class Duck < ActiveRecord::Base

Put your ducks in a row:

class Duck < ActiveRecord::Base

  include RankedModel
  ranks :row_order


This simple example assumes an integer column called row_order. To order Ducks by this order:


The ranking integers stored in the raw_order column will be big and spaced apart. When you implement a sorting UI, just update the resource with the position instead:

@duck.update_attribute :row_order_position, 0  # or 1, 2, 37. :first and :last are also valid

So using a normal json controller where @duck.attributes = params[:duck];, JS can look pretty elegant:

  type: 'PUT',
  url: '/ducks',
  dataType: 'json',
  data: { duck: { row_order_position: 0 } },  // or whatever your new position is

Complex Use

The ranks method takes serveral arguments:

class Duck < ActiveRecord::Base

  include RankedModel

  ranks :row_order,           # Name this ranker, used with rank()
    :column => :sort_order    # Override the default column, which defaults to the name

  belongs_to :pond
  ranks :swimming_order,
    :with_same => :pond_id    # Ducks belong_to Ponds, make the ranker scoped to one pond

  scope :walking, where(:walking => true )
  ranks :walking_order,
    :scope => :walking        # Narrow this ranker to a scope


When you make a query, add the rank:





This libarary is written using ARel from the ground-up. This leaves the code much cleaner than many implementations. ranked-model is also optimized to write to the database as little as possible: ranks are stored as a number between 0 and 65534 (just below MEDIUMINT in MySQL). When an item is given a new position, it assigns itself a rank number between two neighbors. This allows several movements of items before no digits are available between to neighbors. When this occurs, ranked-model will rebalance the distribution of rank numbers across all memebers of the ranked group.


Fork, clone, write a test, write some code, commit, push, send a pull request. Github FTW!

This project was open-sourced by Harvest. We're hiring!

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