JSTalk scripts to add journaling to VoodooPad
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VoodooPad Journal

A collection of JSTalk scripts for VoodooPad to add journal features to it.


Copy the scripts or check out the Git repo to ~/Library/Application Support/VoodooPad/Script PlugIns and restart VoodooPad.


The idea is to have a daily page named YYYY-MM-DD and drop in everything you need.

  • Option-Command-J creates a new page (or opens it, if it already exists) with the current date
  • Option-Command-I creates/opens an index page named "Journal Index" and builds an overview of all current journal pages
  • Option-Command-P searches for the previous journal page
  • Option-Command-N searches for the next journal page

See menu "Plugin > Journal" as a reminder for these shortcuts.

You can use your document like you normaly would, just keep in mind that the scripts overwrite and/or use every page falling under these naming conventions.