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Assume you want to post a message on IRC channel & there is a gem that can be used to do so, you can simply require the gem at the start of the project_config.rb file & write the code to post message in any of the callbacks.
+#### Build Artefact publishing
+Goldberg allows you to publish build artefacts so that it's accessible from the web interface. Goldberg passes an environment variable 'BUILD_ARTEFACTS' ('BUILD_ARTIFACTS' is an alias) which contains a path on the server's filesystem. You need to, as part of your build, copy your artefacts (say, 'log/test.log', 'coverage/' or 'foo.gem') to the directory whose path BUILD_ARTEFACTS will provide. Goldberg will then publish these on the build page. You can copy over individual files or whole directories.
### Help
# To get man page style help

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