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Features under the section marked 'Current' are completed but pending release as a gem. If you need any of these, you'll need to use the latest source from the git repository.
Features under a numbered section are complete and available in the Wrest gem.
== Current (1.5.3)
* Implemented a thread pool for async requests using ThreadBackend.
== 1.5.2
* Updated dependencies - ActiveSupport, MultipartPost, Dalli and JRuby OpenSSL
== 1.5.1
* Supports Ruby 2.x.x, JRuby 1.7.6 (and higher), JRuby
== 1.5.0
* Introducing content type text/plain - pull request by buchin
== 1.4.7
* Switch to using multi_json to manage Json backend to play nice with Rails 3.1.
== 1.4.6
* Bump Builder dependency to allow both Builder 2.x and 3.x to be used
== 1.4.5
* GH#107 alias :deserialize :deserialise
== 1.4.4
* GH#105 Reduce Rubgems version requirements to 1.3.x or greater from > 1.5
== 1.4.3
* GH#104 Allow default headers to be added to the uri that are then used for all requests
* GH#31 Add explicit API for cookies
== 1.4.2
* GH#102 Code and gemspec mismatch for json-jruby
== 1.4.1
* GH#66 HTTPS requests using the Net::HTTP backend failing on Ruby 1.8.x
== 1.4.0
* GH#96 Naive implementation of asynchronous requests using Eventmachine
* GH#93 Since Wrest::Response is immutable, the results of Response#deserialise are cached
== 1.3.0
* GH#95 Asynchronous requests on Wrest::Uri.
== 1.2.1
* GH#91 Remove dependency on tzinfo
== 1.2.0
* GH#80 Add a convenience API to make it easy to use the existing URI callback API
== 1.1.0
* Caching support introduced. Includes Memcached support for the cache store. (GH# 69, 83, 87)
== 1.0.2
* GH#12 Post Multipart support when using the Patron adapter
* GH#72 Response code checkers: ok?, redirect?, created? etc.
* GH#85 Do not auto-load Nokogiri/libxml-ruby and remove warnings at startup
* GH#79 Update Patron version.
== 1.0.1
* GH#61 Option propagate while converting uri to UriTemplate and back.
* GH#64 Removed Caching.
* GH#32 Callback for response status codes.
* GH#53 Add to_uri_template helper to String
* GH#12 Add Post/Put Multipart support when using the Patron adapter
* GH#72 Response code checkers: ok?, redirect?, created? etc.
== 1.0.0
* GH#56 Detailed Net::HTTP debug output option added to Wrest::Native:Request.
* GH#60 Wrest debug log arrow direction changed to be consistent with Net::HTPP debug log
* GH#59 follow_redirects_limit is off by one
* GH#24 Add support for xpath based filtering of xml response bodies to the response chain
* GH#46 Response.deserialise for Json responses
* GH#52 Wrest console (bin/wrest) fails on 1.9.2
* GH#55 Fix connection.verify_mode for Net::HTTP https connection to VERIFY_PEER
* GH#57 Feature #24 doesn't autoload correctly
== 1.0.0.beta7
* GH#46 Response.deserialise for Json responses
== 1.0.0.beta6
* GH#35 Wrest::UriTemplate extensions swallow existing path
* GH#41 Make Hash core_ext opt out
== 1.0.0.beta5
* GH#30 Replace rails app in spec/sample_rails_app with a lighter sinatra app
* GH#37 Allow opting out of Adding to_uri to string
== 1.0.0.beta4
* GH#34 Wrest::Uri extensions swallow existing path
== 1.0.0.beta3
* GH#13 Works for get and delete with parameters appended to the uri string and
with ? and no parameters appended to the uri string
* GH#26 'http://localhost'.to_uri['foo/bar'] fails
* GH#11 Handle gem dependencies using bundler
* GH#22 Converts Uri to UriTemplate
* GH#23 Supports extension of UriTemplate via #[]
== 1.0.0.beta2
* GH#2 Make Components::Containers hash store a HashWithIndifferentAccess
* GH#6 Net::HTTP based calls to Twitter public APIs fail
* GH#5 Patron (curl) support failing for responses where headers have multiple values
* GH#7 Build fails on Ruby 1.9
* GH#16 Remove jeweler and use .gemspec direcly
== 1.0.0.beta1
* If libxml-ruby isn't found but nokogiri, don't warn about libxml-ruby
== 1.0.0.beta0
* Dependencies updated to ActiveSupport 3.0.0.rc and RSpec 2.0.0.beta19
== 0.1.2
* Locked gem dependencies to ActiveSupport 2.3.8 and rspec 1.3.0 to avoid breakages caused by inadvertently requiring the Rails 3.0 and Rspec 2.0 gems which have changed greatly
== 0.1.1
* Multipart post and put using Net::Http
== 0.1.0
* Added Nokogiri as a fallback for LibXML Ruby before we give up and use REXML. (Nokogiri is available on JRuby, unlike LibXML-ruby)
* Added code to attempt to load JREXML (for what it's worth) when using REXML on JRuby
* Ensure that Wrest throws an exception when an actual request is made in a test environment in Rails (RAILS_ENV == 'test')
* Support for keep-alive connections via Wrest::Http::Session and Wrest::Http::Response#connection_closed?
* Create two convenience Post methods on Uri - one for application/x-www-form-urlencoded and the other normal
* Optional libcurl implementations of the Request/Response classes (for those on MRI who need better performance). See examples/delicious.rb, examples/facebook.rb. Note that while there is a great deal of API compatibility, everything may not behave exactly the same under libcurl. Please do report inconsistencies.
* Added live functional tests to codebase (rake spec:functional, needs spec/functional/sample_rails_app running on port 3000)
== 0.0.9
* Added redirect follow support for GET requests (see examples/redirection.rb)
* Auto redirection limit
* Request timeout limit config
* Added an alias_accessor macro to allow alternative names for attribute accessors (see examples/wow_realm_status.rb)
* Removed the need to explicitly include AttributesContainer::Typecaster or to use the enable_typecasting_support macro. The call to typecast now does this for us. See AttributesContainer#typecast and AttributesContainer::Typecaster#typecast
== 0.0.8
* Added URI extension using the [] method (see examples/delicious.rb)
* Refactored out Request as the first step to adding Response caching
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