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a jQuery lightbox plugin focusing on usability
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A simple lightbox-like jQuery plugin focusing on usability. What makes kratsbox different from other lightboxes is:

  • Keyboard focus. The close, next and prev actions get visible focus, and when kratsbox is closed, focus returns to the right link.

  • Only images. While not an feature in itself, lack of support for embeddly, iframes or ajax does allow the small size of kratsbox.

  • No extra loading. The graphics in kratsbox is pure css3, no extra images / sprites.


First, put the kratsbox file in some path on your web server and make sure you have them (and jQuery) availiable in the page:

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/somepath/kratsbox.css"/>
<script type="text/javascript" src="/somepath/jquery.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="/somepath/kratsbox.js"></script>

You can (and should) combine and minify them with your other javascript and css files to minimize impact on page load time. If you prefer a white box over a gray, you can use kratsbox.light.css instead of kratsbox.css.

Basic usage is just to jQuery-select the links you want to use the box on and call kratsbox, like so:


As usual, you need to execute that after the links actually exist. You also might want to set some options, e.g. for localization.

$(function() {
    'next': 'nästa \u2192',
    'prev': 'förra \u2190',
    'close': 'stäng \u00D7'

This assumes you have image links. I usually do something like:

<a class="image" href="large-image.jpg"
   title="Wild rose beside a road in Stockholm. Cc-by Rasmus Kaj">
 <img src="small-image.jpg" width="200" height="133"
      alt="Image: A flower">

This makes the small image visible directly in the page, and clicking it brings up a box displaying the large image. The title attribute from the link describes what is linked to and is used as a caption when showing the large image. Img alts saying it's an image is sometimes frowned upon, but I tink it is good when considered it is the link text for the larger version of the image.

Kratsbox also supports the figure / figcaption elements, where figcaption may contain markup. Depending on your stylesheet, the figcaption may be visible for the small image as well as in the box with the large image.

  <a href="large-image.jpg">
    <img src="small-image.jpg" width="200" height="133"
         alt="Image: A flower">
    Wild rose beside a road in Stockholm.
    Cc-by <a href="">Rasmus Kaj</a>.


  • next - Text for the link to the next image.
  • prev - Text for the link to the previous image.
  • close - Text for the close button.
  • minsize - If the browser window is less tall or less wide than this, kratsbox functionality will be disabled.
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