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Kajona Content Management Framework

Welcome to the sources of Kajona, an open source content management system.

Please refer to our website at for further details and prepared builds ready for use.

For prepared builds see

Bugtracker / Issues

Please feel free to report issues, ideas an general feedback using the GitHub issue pages


We currently provide various build-scripts in order to test, clean, build and package a project out of the sources. Please have a look at the ant-scripts located at _buildfiles: build_jenkins.xml, build_project.xml


You only have to follow a few steps in order to build a Kajona project out of the sources:

  • Create a folder in your webroot, used to store the later Kajona project, e.g. kajona
  • Create a folder named core within the folder created before, e.g. kajona/core
  • Clone the Git-repo inside the core-folder: Change to the new directory and use the following command: git clone .
  • The folder kajona/core should now be filled with a structure similar to:
  • Open the file kajona/core/setupproject.php using the webbrowser of your choice (btw, you could run this script on the command line, too)
  • After a few log-outputs, your kajona folder is now setup like a real Kajona project, so there should be a structure similar to
    /core (as created manually)

Have a look at the end of the results: If you see some red lines (composer messages) the setupproject could NOT run the composer commands successfully! Please run the commands manually from the command line or a terminal window.

Done! All you have to do is to fire up your browser, opening the file kajona/installer.php and the installer will guide you through the process. Whenever you make changes to below /core, don't forget to create a pull-request with all those changes - and be sure to earn the glory!