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* default_payload.S -- PS3 Jailbreak payload
* Copyright (C) Youness Alaoui (KaKaRoTo)
* Copyright (C) Aaron Lindsay (Aaron')
* Copyright (C) (subdub)
* This software is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public
* License ("GPL") version 3, as published by the Free Software Foundation.
* This payload is a modified version of the original PSJailbreak's payload.
* The people behing PSJailbrak are the original authors and copyright holders
* of the code they wrote.
/* pl3.h.S must always be included first!!! */
#include "pl3.h.S"
#include "map_open_path.h.S"
#include "memory_patching.h.S"
#include "open_hook.h.S"
#include "memory_patching_res.h.S"
// Include patch_table after all other includes so it picks up on what
// patches to include in the table depending on what was included
#include "patch_table.h.S"
* payload_main:
* This is the entry point to the payload, it gets branched to form the injected
* shellcode in the JIG response.
* This is the main function of the exploit, its code is position
* indedependent. It copies the actual payload to a safe-from-overwrite memory,
* while it overwrites an existing function from the kernel.
* It will also add necessary syscalls and patch some areas of the kernel before
* returning the control back to it
// prolog
mflr %r0
stdu %r1, -0xa0(%r1)
std %r30, 0x90(%r1)
std %r31, 0x98(%r1)
std %r0, 0xb0(%r1)
MEM_BASE (%r30) // Load 0x8000000000000000 in %r30
// Allocate memory and copy PIC functions to it
// Add system calls
ADD_SYSCALL (%r30, syscall_map_open_desc, 35)
// Add default /app_home redirection
addi %r3, %r31, ADDR_IN_PAGE(path_app_home)
addi %r4, %r31, ADDR_IN_PAGE(path_usb_default_app_home)
bl map_open_path
APPLY_PATCHES(%r30, %r31)
// epilog
ld %r30, 0x90(%r1)
ld %r31, 0x98(%r1)
ld %r0, 0xb0(%r1)
addi %r1, %r1, 0xa0
mtlr %r0
.string "/app_home"
.string "/dev_usb000/PS3/HOMEBREW/APP_HOME"