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* memory_patching.S -- PS3 Jailbreak payload : patch the memory on the fly
* Copyright (C) Youness Alaoui (KaKaRoTo)
* Copyright (C) Aaron Lindsay (Aaron')
* Copyright (C) (subdub)
* This software is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public
* License ("GPL") version 3, as published by the Free Software Foundation.
* This payload is a modified version of the original PSJailbreak's payload.
* The people behing PSJailbrak are the original authors and copyright holders
* of the code they wrote.
* memory_patching:
* @arg1:
* @arg2:
* memory_patching (arg1, arg2):
* {
static uint32 total = 0 ;
uint64 *ptr = rtoc[38400][104][24]
uint64 *ptr2 = rtoc[3848]
if ((arg1[24][48] >> 16) == 0x29) {
if (ptr[16] << 24 >> 56) != 0xFF) {
ptr[16] |= 3
arg2[0] = 6
} else {
ptr[16] |= 2
arg2[0] = 0x2c
ptr2[0] += ptr[4]
memcpy(ptr2[0], ptr[8], ptr[4])
} else {
unknown_func1 (arg1, arg2) // 0x4e81c
total += ptr[4]
if (ptr[16] << 24 >> 56) != 0xFF) {
hash = 0
for (i = 0, i < 0x100, i++)
hash ^= ptr2[0][i] // array of 4 bytes
hash = (hash << 32) | total
total = 0
for (uint64_t p = memory_patch_table, *p, p+=2) {
if (hash != p[0])
for (uint32_t p2 = p[1], *p2, p2+=2)
ptr2[0][p2[0]] = p2[1]
return 0
mflr %r0
stdu %r1, -0x1a0(%r1)
std %r27, 0x78(%r1)
std %r28, 0x80(%r1)
std %r29, 0x88(%r1)
std %r30, 0x90(%r1)
std %r31, 0x98(%r1)
std %r0, 0x1b0(%r1)
mr %r29, %r3
mr %r30, %r4
MEM_BASE (%r31)
ld %r28, rtoc_entry_2(%r2)
ld %r28, 0x68(%r28)
ld %r28, 0x18(%r28)
ld %r27, rtoc_entry_1(%r2)
ld %r9, 0x18(%r29)
lwz %r9, 0x30(%r9)
rldicl %r9, %r9, 48, 16
cmpwi %r9, 0x29
bne loc_4d4
ld %r4, 0x10(%r28)
rldicr %r5, %r4, 24, 39
rldicl %r5, %r5, 8, 56
cmpwi %r5, 0xff
beq loc_4a8
ori %r4, %r4, 3
std %r4, 0x10(%r28)
li %r3, 6
stw %r3, 0(%r30)
b loc_4b8
ori %r4, %r4, 2
std %r4, 0x10(%r28)
li %r3, 0x2c
stw %r3, 0(%r30)
lwz %r5, 4(%r28)
ld %r4, 8(%r28)
ld %r3, 0(%r27)
add %r9, %r3, %r5
std %r9, 0(%r27)
BRANCH_ABSOLUTE(%r6, memcpy)
b loc_594
mr %r3, %r29
mr %r4, %r30
BRANCH_ABSOLUTE(%r6, memory_patch_func)
mr %r29, %r31
LOADI_LABEL2(%r29, counter)
lwz %r3, 0(%r29)
lwz %r5, 4(%r28)
add %r3, %r3, %r5
stw %r3, 0(%r29)
ld %r4, 0x10(%r28)
rldicr %r5, %r4, 24, 39
rldicl %r5, %r5, 8, 56
cmpwi %r5, 0xff
bne loc_594
ld %r3, 0(%r27)
li %r4, 0
li %r6, 0
add %r7, %r3, %r4
lwz %r5, 0(%r7)
xor %r6, %r6, %r5
addi %r4, %r4, 4
cmpldi %r4, 0x400
bne loc_51c
lwz %r3, 0(%r29)
rldicr %r6, %r6, 32, 31
or %r6, %r6, %r3
li %r3, 0
stw %r3, 0(%r29)
mr %r7, %r31
LOADI_LABEL2(%r7, memory_patch_table)
ld %r3, 0(%r7)
cmpldi %r3, 0
beq loc_594
addi %r7, %r7, 0x10
cmpld %r3, %r6
bne loc_554
ld %r5, -8(%r7)
ld %r7, 0(%r27)
lwz %r3, 0(%r5)
cmplwi %r3, 0
beq loc_594
lwz %r4, 4(%r5)
add %r3, %r3, %r7
stw %r4, 0(%r3)
addi %r5, %r5, 8
b loc_574
li %r3, 0
ld %r27, 0x78(%r1)
ld %r28, 0x80(%r1)
ld %r29, 0x88(%r1)
ld %r30, 0x90(%r1)
ld %r31, 0x98(%r1)
ld %r0, 0x1b0(%r1)
addi %r1, %r1, 0x1a0
mtlr %r0
#endif /* __MEMORY_PATCHING_H_S__ */