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* vuart_tracer.S -- PS3 Jailbreak payload : tracing read/write vuart hypercalls
* Copyright (C) Youness Alaoui (KaKaRoTo)
* This software is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public
* License ("GPL") version 3, as published by the Free Software Foundation.
#ifndef __VUART_TRACER_H_S__
#define __VUART_TRACER_H_S__
#include "trace_helpers.h.S"
mflr %r0
stdu %r1, -0x100(%r1)
std %r29, 0xC0(%r1)
std %r30, 0xC8(%r1)
std %r31, 0xD0(%r1)
// Some functions calling hvsc do not modify the stack, so writing to
// 0x10(%r1) means we overwrite their own stored LR. So we need to store
// our LR inside the allocated stack. It breaks the 'backtrace' but
// we have no choice
std %r0, 0xF0(%r1)
li %r31, 0
cmplwi %r11, 162 // lv1_read_virtual_uart
beq l_hvsc_handler_read_uart
cmplwi %r11, 163 // lv1_write_virtual_uart
beq l_hvsc_handler_write_uart
b hvsc_call
bl store_regs
mr %r3, %r4
mr %r4, %r5
bl send_buffer
bl load_regs
b l_hvsc_handler_continue
mr %r29, %r4
li %r31, 1
bl store_regs
mr %r30, %r11
li %r12, 0x10
bl send_trace
bl load_regs
sc 1
cmplwi %r31, 0
beq l_hvsc_handler_return
bl store_regs
mr %r11, %r30
li %r12, 0x11
bl send_trace
bl load_regs
cmplwi %r30, 162
bne l_hvsc_handler_return
bl store_regs
mr %r3, %r29
bl send_buffer
bl load_regs
ld %r29, 0xC0(%r1)
ld %r30, 0xC8(%r1)
ld %r31, 0xD0(%r1)
ld %r0, 0xF0(%r1)
addi %r1, %r1, 0x100
mtlr %r0
mflr %r0
stdu %r1, -0xA0(%r1)
std %r0, 0x70(%r1)
std %r28, 0x78(%r1)
std %r29, 0x80(%r1)
std %r30, 0x88(%r1)
std %r31, 0x90(%r1)
mr %r30, %r3
mr %r29, %r4
li %r28, 0x100
// Switch to realmode
mfmsr %r0
li %r10, 0x10
andc %r0, %r0, %r10
mtmsrd %r0, 0
MEM_BASE (%r31)
LOAD_LABEL2 (%r31, %r31, buf)
ld %r3, 0x00(%r30)
std %r3, 0x00(%r31)
ld %r3, 0x08(%r30)
std %r3, 0x08(%r31)
ld %r3, 0x10(%r30)
std %r3, 0x10(%r31)
ld %r3, 0x18(%r30)
std %r3, 0x18(%r31)
ld %r3, 0x20(%r30)
std %r3, 0x20(%r31)
ld %r3, 0x28(%r30)
std %r3, 0x28(%r31)
ld %r3, 0x30(%r30)
std %r3, 0x30(%r31)
ld %r3, 0x38(%r30)
std %r3, 0x38(%r31)
std %r29, 0x40(%r31)
std %r28, 0x48(%r31)
// Remove realmode
ori %r0, %r0, 0x10
mtmsrd %r0, 0
MEM_BASE (%r31)
LOAD_LABEL2 (%r3, %r31, buf)
li %r4, 0x50
bl send_eth
addi %r28, %r28, 1
addi %r30, %r30, 0x40
cmpldi %r29, 0x40
addi %r29, %r29, -0x40
bgt l_send_buffer_next
ld %r28, 0x78(%r1)
ld %r29, 0x80(%r1)
ld %r30, 0x88(%r1)
ld %r31, 0x90(%r1)
ld %r0, 0x70(%r1)
addi %r1, %r1, 0xA0
mtlr %r0
#endif /* __VUART_TRACER_H_S__ */