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High priority :
-- Add an about page
- Fix performance issues, need 30/60 fps on full redrawns on 1080p now it's around 1 or 2 fps...
- Add a way to enter numbers/letters for Solo/Unequal/Keen/Towers games
- Fix game help by using FreeType and supporting utf-8 chars correctly.
+- Fix game help by centring text correctly, and respecting font_opt.height
+- Add background music
+- Test/Allow custom music to be played
Medium priority :
- Add a 'resize screen' at boot (some tvs crop the left size of the screen)
- Redo a cleaner design of the user interface
- Recognize when a game is completed and show a message+play sound.
-- Check if a game is solved and allow easy 'new game'
+- Check if a game is solved and allow easy 'new game' (flashing Press L3 to start a new game if midend_is_solved()==TRUE)
Low priority :
+- Add PS Move support ?
- the save/load thread seems to crash (get interrupted) if we do a quit from the xmb while the save/load menu is open

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