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Updated readme for v2.3 release

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## History
+- v2.3 November 18, 2011
+ - [Heroku]( support
+ - Added `extendServer` configuration option
+ - Now, by default, even if the server is provided, we will extend it. If you do not want this, set this configuration option to `false`.
+ - Made it easier to load docpad as an easier
+ - Instead of crashing when an uncaught error happens, it'll output it and keep running as often they are not major problems.
+ - The log messages and next handling in `docpad.action` has been cleaned up
+ - Now those log messages are contained within the default next handler, so if you provide a custom default next handler you'll have to do your own success log messages
+ - [NPM]( is now installed locally
+ - This is to ensure it's availability on cloud servers
+ - DocPad will now try and figure out the node executable location to provide greater compatibility on cloud servers
+ - If the plugin installations are taking a while, you'll get informed of this, rather than just staring at a blank blinking cursor
- v2.2 November 14, 2011
- Windows support!
- Now uses [Benjamin Lupton's]( [Watchr]( as the watcher library
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