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Version 0.4.1-snapshot - 2011-12-21
- [Dev] Slider - Dispatches event if the thumb has been released.
- [Bug] ColorPicker - Binding fires after selecting color programmatically.
- [Dev] CheckBox - Added value property.
- [Dev] SelectBox - Added disabled state and appropriate styles.
- [Dev] SelectBox - Added possibility to hide the open icon.
- [Dev] RadioGroup - Added event additionally to the already provided binding mechanism.
- [Dev] Slider: Added property mouseWheelDelta to override the which is a default OS property (usually = 3). mouseWheelDelta = 1 means scrolling of 1 * snapInterval. 3 = 3 snapInterval (now default)
- [Bug][Slider] Setting value, minValue or maxValue to the slider could cause infinite loops. Added equality check.
- [Bug][ListItemRenderer] ListItemRenderer did not call cleanUp on the list item content.
- [Bug][DisplayObjectAdapter] CleanUp method did not work at all.
- [Project] Update to as3commons-collections-1.3.2
Version 0.4.0 - 2011-05-20
- [Project] Update to AS3Commons Collections 1.3.0
- [DEV] Added style = true
- [DEV] Aligned to support Flex 4 compiler. Warning issue (@google.code) solved.
- [DEV] Added possibility to turn a modal pop up window into a normal one (PopUpManager)
- [DEV] ScrollTrackSkin raster property. If set to false, the track is drawn with a solid rect.
- [DEV] TextField now supports the styles letterSpacing and antiAliasType
- [DEV] SelectBox with more customization possibilities
- [DEV] mouseEnabled & mouseChildren added to IDisplayObject and IDisplayObjectContainer
- [DEV] Added event to SelectBox which was only to be listened using binding.
- [DEV] Added ability to use embedded fonts with Label and TextField ( : Boolean)
- [DEV] Added tooltips to list and selectbox which are shown if the displayed label has been chopped.
- [DEV] Setting data source of a SelectBox at runtime.
- [DEV] Default text for TextInput
- [BUG] ColorPicker PopUp position wrong in small movies
- [BUG] ColorPicker PopUp position wrong in small movies
- [BUG] Unnecessary variable declaration in PopUpManager
- [BUG] PinBar threw error on double click
- [BUG] Minimised Window not longer scaled to 0x0 since this caused issues with embedded fonts not being able to calculate valid dimensions
- [BUG] Border and background did not resize when resizing a TextInput.
- [BUG] Issue 2: Tooltip does not work when not compiling with --target-player=10.0.0.
- [BUG] Issue 1: Scrolling in list (or tree) using scrollbar thumb jitters
Preview 3 SVN (revision 30) - 2010-04-14
- [DEV] Update to the ASCommons Collections library which is the further development of the formerly used Lite Collections Fx.
- [DEV] Further development of the beta component ScrollPane.
- [BUG] ListItemRenderer did not call IListItemContent::drawContent when initializing
- [BUG] Binding a RadioGroup did fail if the buttons were already set
- [BUG] ScrollBar did not adjust the scroll position if the document size did change to a lesser size
- [BUG] and did not work at all. Both scrollbars could not be hidden using those properties.
Preview 2 SVN (revision 19) - 2010-02-04
- [DEV] Initial release