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The missing laravel make:view command
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Laravel View Generator

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Laravel View Generator adds the missing make:view command to laravel's commands. You can quickly create new views for your application.


Install via composer

composer require kakposoe/laravel-view-generator

Register Service Provider

If you use laravel < 5.5, Add service provider to config/app.php in providers section


How to use

Creating a view is as simple as running:

php artisan make:view index

This command will create /resources/views/index.blade.php

Create a view inside a folder

You can create a view in a folder by using dot notation:

php artisan make:view admin.index

This will create any folders which have not been created already.

Extending a layout

You can create a view which extends a layout using:

php artisan make:view index --layout=admin

Note: *You will be prompted to create a layouts folder and the layout file if they do not exist.

Create a view with sections

You can create a new view file with sections:

php artisan make:view index --section=content --section=styles
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