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Installation (common)

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Step 1. Download.

Unpack the archive to destination folder or grub repository:

tar xzf phpdaemon*.tar.gz


git clone git:// $path

Note that $path must be replaced with path you like to install phpDaemon.

Step 2. Install.

chmod +x $path/bin/phpdaemon

Make sure that /usr/bin/php linked to PHP 5 CLI.

Make sure that PHP >= 5.3 compiled with ‘—enable-pcntl’ ‘—enable-shmop’ ‘—enable-sockets’.
For FreeBSD: make sure that PHP compiled with ‘—enable-ctype’.

pecl install libevent
ln -s $path/bin/phpdaemon /usr/bin/phpd
phpd start

Now it should be running if no troubles hapenned.

We recommend to install ‘proctitle’ from PECL (this extension allows to set human-readable titles of processes).

We also recommend to install ‘runkit’ from PECL (you HAVE TO use unofficial package, official pecl version is very old and buggy). Compile PHP with ‘—enable-maintainer-zts’ (very important).

pecl install proctitle

Don’t forget to make sure that lines like “” is added to your php.ini.

That’s it.

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