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A new minimalistic web browser. It's under active development, and there is a lot to do.

Screenshots: Simple View | Tabbing | Private Mode for Sites


Keyboard Shortcuts:

  • Command+T: New Tab
  • Control+Space: Open Menu
  • Command+O: Focus Mode
  • Shift+Command+F: Full Screen
  • Shift+Command+N: Open New Window with Privacy Mode
  • Command+F: Find in the page
  • Command+W: Close Tab

How It Works


What is missing ?

  • A logo
  • Download manager
  • PDF Support
  • Right-click Context Menu

Call For Designers

Kaktüs needs a lot of help on design. Here is what's missing;

  • Logo: Current logo is something I had to pick up from Dribble (with the permission of the designer) and it's temporary.
  • Icons: Kaktüs needs an icon set to interact with user better/
  • Ideas: Kaktüs needs your ideas on how to improve tabbing and search.


Building From Source

Install all dependencies:

npm install

And get the build out for your target platform. Available platforms are:

  • macOS
  • win
  • linux

So, I usually run;

make osx

Command to get my build for macOS.

Making Changes

Kaktüs is built with choo and electron. Here is the commands I run to start the development:

$ make watch-css
$ make watch-js
$ make start


I'm temporarily using a cactus image I found on Dribble as a logo.